About me

This is me!

Until May 2020, I worked as the Linguistic Data Analytics Manager in the School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I received my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May 2018.

My research interests include articulatory and acoustic phonetics and phonology. I am currently working on projects related to modeling the relationship between articulation and acoustics using real-time magnetic resonance imaging. These projects include (1) articulatory-to-acoustic inversion using midsagittal images of the vocal tract and (2) statistical modeling of aperture shown in various slices of the vocal tract compared with denoised acoustic data recorded in the MR scanner. I study phenomena including nasalization in French and pharyngealization in Arabic.

My dissertation explored the relationship between acoustics and articulation in Brazilian Portuguese nasal vowels. Specifically, I studied the phonetic structure of phonemic nasal vowels and phonetically nasalized vowels in comparison with oral vowels, to determine the phonological status of nasalization in Brazilian Portuguese.

In the Fall 2020, I am teaching LING 490: Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Linguistic Research. In the past, I have taught LING 302: Elements of Phonology, ESL 510: English Pronunciation for Academic Purposes, and SPAN 588: Advanced Statistical Analyses for Linguistic Research.

You can download my CV here.

I am available for statistical analysis and data processing consulting. Please feel free to contact me regarding availability and rates.